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    Everyone is looking to save money these days. Auto insurance premiums are one way of saving money on your expenditures. If you are looking for cheap car insurance Atlanta, GA, visit Georgiacarinsurancequotes.org. This website will show you the most competitive rates available for your area.

    Average Atlanta Car Insurance Quotes Can Save You Money

    Automobile insurance rates can vary all over the United States based on many different factors. The average premium for drivers in the city of Atlanta is $1461 annually. Other residents of Fulton County pay an average of approximately $1710 per year in auto insurance premiums. The average premium for the state of Georgia is $1770 annually. While the national average for auto premiums is $1585.

    Factors that Impact Cheap Atlanta Auto Insurance

    Many different factors influence car insurance premiums. Some of these consumers can control and some they cannot. These factors include things such as occupation, gender, age, car color, driving history, car type and model, and credit score. Additional major factors include:

    • Location: Your insurance premium will, in part, be factored upon your location. Zip codes that have higher populations will see higher rates for automobile insurance. The population of Atlanta is 432,247, which is 3154 residents per square mile. This could be part of the reason that insurance premiums in Atlanta are slightly higher than the national average.
    • Driving to Work: An individual’s work commute will also contribute to their insurance premiums. Drivers who drive to or from work during peak hours will most likely pay a higher premium. Drivers who travel to and from work during off-peak hours should inquire about a possible discount on their premium. The majority of Atlanta residents spend an average of between 15 and 35 minutes in their cars for their work commute. There are just fewer than 10 fatal accidents per 100,000 residents in Atlanta each year.
    • Auto Thefts: Your car’s likelihood of being stolen is also factored into your insurance rate. Certain makes and models of vehicles are more prone to theft than others. If you drive one of these vehicles you may wind up paying more for your insurance rates due to the vulnerability to theft. However, having anti-theft devices in your car can lower your premium rates. Living in a city with many car thefts can also raise your insurance rates. There are approximately 5,371 auto thefts each year in Atlanta.
    • Education: Drivers who have a higher degree of education generally pay less in vehicle insurance premiums. This is because drivers who are more highly educated tend to be more responsible and safer when driving. In Atlanta, only 22 percent of residents have earned a high school diploma, whereas the state average is 29 percent. The state average of residents who have a Bachelor’s degree is 16 percent. In comparison, in Atlanta, 21 percent of residents have achieved a Bachelor’s degree.

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