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    Average Car Insurance Savannah Quotes — Save Up to $338 Every 12 Months!

    The latest data show that motorists living in Savannah pay their providers an average of $1,329 per year. This figure is 0.44% below that of Chatham County and 25% lower than the mean for the whole of Georgia. While the rates in the city may already seem like a bargain compared to the rest of the state, there are always opportunities to reduce them further.

    Car Insurance Savannah — Risk Factors and How to Minimize Them

    Automobile insurance plans are basically there to ensure that people have the means to cover the expenses associated with accidents and other related emergencies. Now most people will never get to use their insurance money and this is good as it means that nothing unpleasant happened to them on the roads. The less likely you are to actually need the standby fund, the lower your premium rates. The converse, of course, is also true. The following factors demonstrate this idea in detail:

    • Location — Where the vehicle will be used will partially determine its longevity and likelihood of getting into accidents. In addition to scrutinizing personal driving history, insurance companies look into the statistics of his city to evaluate an applicant. They charge higher if the location is packed full of people and less if the place is a little more laid back. Savannah has a population of 136,565 and a land area of 74.7 square miles. This yields a low density of 1,827, partially accounting for the minimal rates in the city.
    • Driving to Work — Every day, people wake up early to go to work along with millions of others. This simultaneous need to beat the clock and turn up in the office forces some to become more aggressive drivers. The rush hour produces more accidents than the rest of the day and so those who commute during this time have to pay higher insurance fees. Meanwhile, individuals who have nontraditional schedules that allow them to stay off the roads during this dangerous window are given discounts. Commuting to work in Savannah takes an average of 21.4 minutes. The number of fatal accidents in the city is lower than that of the state with 9.7 versus 12.7 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — The best way to keep a car from getting stolen is to make it unattractive to thieves. Make it difficult to pry it open by installing tough locks and loud alarms. Once the thieves see that it would take time to steal a car and that they risk drawing attention, they will simply move on and leave the vehicle alone. The money used to purchase these deterrents can easily be recouped through the rate cuts given by insurance agencies for the proactive measure. There were 730 auto thefts recorded in Savannah in 2011.
    • Education — It seems that highly educated people tend to take road safety more seriously than the rest of the population and so college graduates have the benefit of getting a discount just for possessing a degree. Of the city’s population, 13.4% have a bachelor’s degree while 28.4% have a high school diploma.

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